Buck Gro Foliar Formula

Directions for use:

Buck Gro Foliar Formula (BGF) is the “Ultimate Package” for foliar feeding your up and growing food plot. A successful hunt begins with establishing feeding routines and BGF fertilized food plots keep them coming back for more. BGF is one of the most advanced foliar fertilizers on the Planet packing your food plot with nutrition and flavor. The slow release action in BGF will continually feed the plant over a 4-6 week period assuring you plenty of action during that time.

Trials have shown that deer will bypass everything else to get to a BGF treated food plot. Even ordinary native grass treated with BGF brought them in to graze. BGF is designed to be applied directly to your up and growing food plot. BFG can be applied with any type of sprayer, (pump-up, backpack, pull behind, etc…). BGF can usually be applied with other fertilizers, pesticides, etc. but it is always best to do a jar test to make sure. For best results: Blend BGF in a solution of water 15 parts water to 1 part BGF. Can be blended as high as 40 to 1 with great results.

Each 5 gallon case will treat approximately 3.75 acres or 160,000 sq ft when applied at a rate of 8oz per 2,000 sq ft.