Benefits of Soil Fertilizer

Buck Gro Foliar Formula (BGF) is the “Ultimate Package” for foliar feeding your up and growing food plot. A successful hunt begins with establishing feeding routines and BGF fertilized food plots keep them coming back for more. 

BGF is one of the most advanced foliar fertilizers on the Planet packing your food plot with nutrition and flavor. The slow release action in BGF will continually feed the plant over a 4-6 week period assuring you plenty of action during that time.

All of the nutrients in our food come from the soil. Our environment has been changing and in order to create healthy crops full of nutrients, farmers need to work with healthy soil or work to produce healthier soil.

Nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium, and potassium are natural soil nutrients. Plants to grow to need nutrients to grow. BONE COLLECTOR™ BUCK GROⓇ provides your soil with missing nutrients as well as extra minerals and protein.

Order your BONE COLLECTOR™ BUCK GROⓇ online now.

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