Benefits of Foliar Fertilizer

``Food Plots

Spring food plots are a great addition to any property and can help lead you to success this fall. But spring food plots instead of fall food plots planted now can reap more benefits. Why? You have to consider what is happening from the start of May until the end of hunting season.

  • Bucks are growing antlers
  • Does are lactating
  • Fawns are growing

In order to grow strong and healthy deer you need a top of the line foliar fertilizer combined with a top of the line soil fertilizer.

BUCK GRO Foliar Fertilizer allows you to correct deficiencies in your soil while ensuring leaves and stems absorb nutrients immediately. This allows for not only deer to flourish with the proper nutrients but provides the required minerals to grow MONSTER Deer.

soil fertilizer


  • BUCK GROⓇ promotes extended grazing
  • Waterlogged soils inhibit roots’ respiration and functions while BUCK GROⓇ Foliar is applied directly to the leaves and stem absorbing nutrients immediately
  • Low soil temperature and drought conditions restrict nutrient uptake by the roots and BUCK GROⓇ Foliar application is extremely beneficial


  • Nutrient shortage is evident based on visual symptoms or soil analysis
  • Soil deficiency detected
  • Soil conditions such as high pH, low pH, drought, excessive moisture, or cool temperatures

*Foliar fertilization should not be used as a substitute for soil fertility management


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